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Here is a listing of what has changed in the Urdu poetry archive - new poets, ghazals and nazm, Urdu poetry related articles that have been added and other modifications that have been made to the website.

20th September, 2012
Nita's Web

    A few series dedicated to Urdu and Urdu poetry are being launched as part of the Urdu Poetry site expansion plan. Some of these will be familiar to you, viz. Lafz and Mehfil-e-Ghazal but they are now making their debut in the form of blogs. There are a couple of new series as well - Guldastaa and Geeton Ki Kitaab. Hope you like them!

    The series can be accessed through Nita's Web or through the links on the right, which spotlight the latest posts.

25th August, 2012
Unwaan Launch

    The newly redesigned section on theme based sher-o-shaayari is now open and titled Unwaan. This is an adjunct site to the Urdu Poetry Archive and lists couplets by popular topics in Urdu poetry.

    Please feel free to contact us with your comments, suggestions and feedback after you have had a chance to visit the new site. Enjoy!

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Last updated on: 20th September, 2012