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Urdu Poetry Resources

Most of the links on this page will take you to someone else's web site.

Online Dictionaries

Discussion Forums and Mailing Lists

    Ashaar: Weekly postings of ashaar (couplets) on a chosen topic/theme
    Lafz: Daily postings of a word from Urdu, with its meaning and a sher(couplet) where it has been used.
    Mehfil-e-Gazal: Daily posting of a ghazal or a nazm with meanings of difficult words.
    ALUP (alt.language.urdu.poetry): Usenet discussion forum for urdu poetry. A great place to learn and discuss all things related to Urdu poetry.
    eBazm - Moderated mailing list maintained by Manjeet Bhatia. You can post your own poetry or that by others.

Technical Articles on Urdu Poetry

Audio Sites

Poet's Pages

Ghazal Singers' Pages

English Translations of Poems

    Tarjumah - On, maintained by Kashif.

Websites in Urdu

Personal Web sites with Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry Bookstores Online

    India Club - Most of the popular books on Urdu poetry are available here. Books are in Urdu and/or Hindi script.
    India Book House - Most of the Urdu poetry books are in Urdu script.
    Amazon - A search on Urdu poetry yields mostly English translations and anthologies.
    Sang-e-Meel - Based in Lahore, Pakistan. All Urdu poetry books are in the Urdu script.
    Aaina-e-Ghazal - Online bookstore for the book by the same name. It contains meanings for over 9000 commonly used words in Urdu poetry.

Book Publisher Info (India)

    Diamond Publications
    Hind Pocket Books
    Rajpal and Sons
    Star Books
    Sterling Publishers
    Vision Publications


    Masterpieces of Urdu Ghazal (Red Book) by K.C.Kanda
    Masterpieces of Urdu Ghazal (Yellow Book) by K.C.Kanda
    Masterpieces of Urdu Nazm by K.C.Kanda
    Masterpieces of Urdu Rubaiyat by K.C.Kanda
    Meer Taqi Meer - Selected Poems by K.C.Kanda
    Sare Sukhan Hamare by Faiz Ahmed Faiz
    Mah-e-Tamaam by Parveen Shakir
    Mirza Ghalib by Prakash Pandit series
    Meer Taqi Meer by Prakash Pandit series
    Ali Sardar Jafri by Prakash Pandit series
    Firaq Gorakhpuri by Prakash Pandit series
    Ghalib aur Asghar ki Shaayari by Amar Dehlvi
    Intekhab by Anees Amrohvi

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Last updated on: 12th March, 2004